Gear List

Packing for a trip like this can be pretty daunting.  As people who have hiked extensively, we have our hiking gear pretty dialed.  However, planning for multiple trails, in a variety of environments, all the while traveling around the world, adds new layers of complexity.  Trying to find a balance between weight, durability, and adaptability has taken time and consideration.  Obviously, the more you move hotels, and travel between cities and countries, carrying both hiking and traveling gear gets pretty tedious.  By moving slowly and staying in each location for at least a week, we hope to cut down on some of the burden of carrying this much gear.

We decided that we would each carry a medium North Face Base Camp duffel bag, and not take anything extra that wouldn’t fit.  Since we also have our hiking packs with us, we will be able to put some odds and ends in that as a carry on for flights.  Here is our full Gear List.  All of the gear we use for hiking also has an associated weight, which will allow us to figure out our base weights for each hike.  Some gear is listed on both of our lists but, will only show as a “1” if that person typically carries it.



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